Kitchen Linen

A kitchen linen towel is plain, typically white, frequently with a stripe, and very utilitarian. Since you need a clean one, they are durable and absorbent and should be available in bulk each time you cook. A good set to purchase is that this one, which Rhoda, our food editor, utilizes home.Many cooks I know begin with two clean towels--one sterile, the other slightly moist (for harder, stickier foods such as honey or garlic). Other cooks slip a towel under their cutting board to keep it. I think two towels, folded into neat rectangles and sitting on the cutting board's edge, is optimal, putting you up to handle almost any situation that is cooking. But if you choose to begin with one towel, then make it dry.The Swoosh is simple: each time you complete a job on your cutting board, catch your dry towel and then swoosh away the clutter. Onion skins flour--it gets swiftly swooshed into a garbage bowl or the garbage, leaving a clean, uncluttered surface to you to utilize. Got sticky garlic onto your board? Do not rush to the sink and wash it--use your towel. The Swipe would be. Cake crumbs -- anything is currently sticking to the blade, tomato seeds gets swiped clean. You can do this one of 2 manners: Pick up the towel and then run it against the knife, or keep the towel and run the knife blade against it. In any event, if you do this you won't need to wash your knife constantly. Which, again, seems like a small thing, but the time you will save will add up into something..