Some additional information

Natural perfume is created using only plant and animal essences like essential oils, absolutes, beeswax, concretes etc., as well as from earthly object such as shells, soil, even glacial silt. There are never fragrance oils or aroma chems in natural perfumery. I do use beeswax in the Rose Bee and the solid perfumes ( though I can use plant wax upon request) and in some perfumes I have used ethically harvested ambergris, found on the beach. I also have used a little natural isolate.

You will also find wild crafted and collected flowers, saps and needles from my own garden or from the wild in the organic, botanical perfumes. Anything from nature can be used. I once tinctured stones and pebbles gathered from a glacier, and also made natural pumice style soap with glacial silt from Alaska.

The base of natural perfume is generally alcohol of high percentage (think Everclear, Cane or grape alcohol - above 190 proof) or oils such as jojoba or fractionated coconut oil (FCO) to which the formula is added or created in.

I have also created water based perfumes which have high water content with natural preservatives.

For best results when wearing natural perfume, apply a small amount on the warmest areas of the body, such as wrists, sides of your neck and on the breast. The warmth of your body will induce the fragrance to bloom. You can even apply to fabric and tuck that in your shirt or sleeve and the fragrance will last.

All our oils are stored in a cold room and are brought into the perfumery where only I go to create the formulas. You may already know that we have free range bunnies, but be assured the bunnies have no access to the perfumery. They pretty much are everywhere else, like puppies they are curious and love to follow us around.

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This is one of our free range bunnies, Georgie. We always advocate against cages as bunnies are curious, wandering animals that need to run around and forage for food or to explore whether indoors or outdoors. Ours go outdoors everyday with one of us to keep an eye on them and they run around the house freely. They are much like cats, only odorless and cleaner.