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In the new year, new system, new smooth operation experience... 2015 New Year's edition of Windows 7 ghost ultimate system brings you high-end 64 bit high-quality PC life! 100 system Windows 7 64 bit flagship system function main interface diagram: a school of joy, can bring you a sense of inner joy. small white system win7 The 64 bit flagship system uses the original Microsoft motherboard as the main packaging body to ensure the integrity and purity of the system. On this basis, the system has been adjusted in combination with the major Internet users in China. As always, it is based on the premise that it is more in line with the usage habits of Chinese people, minimizing and reducing, appropriately enhancing and optimizing, so as to maintain the original flavor of win7 system, and integrate the most comprehensive universal driver package at present, Patch updated to 2014-12-28; the system is fully automatic installation and activation, which can be used directly after installation, without too much debugging, making the re installation more time-saving, labor-saving and worry saving!! suitable for XP users with appropriate configuration to upgrade win7 ultimate system, suitable for netizens who don't like to toss or don't have time to toss computers! Of course, those who like to toss can also collect! 100 system ghost Win7 ultimate system installation and deployment diagram 1 100 system windows7 x86 ultimate system installation and deployment Figure 2 PS: fully automatic identification and installation of win7 system drivers, covering almost all models and configurations at present after the driver is installed, the win7win7 activation tool starts to activate the system to ensure that the win7 system can obtain genuine information after installation, and there will be no blue screen, crash, etc. system update points a small number of services can be disabled to aws_acm_certificate_validation terraform improve system performance (such as closing error report, closing help, etc.), and the optimization will not be excessive. screen many IE plug-ins that will pop up automatically when browsing web pages. SFC has been cracked and disabled, and uxtheme supports unofficial themes. the system is only properly simplified and optimized, and fully retains the original performance and compatibility on the basis of speed. the most commonly used office, entertainment, maintenance and beautification tools are integrated, and common software is in place in one stop. system security and beautification settings: in today's network popularization, computer security problems are particularly prominent. The system has been strictly set up to provide more aws d 17.1 than windowS original higher security, to ensure that users can safely roam on the network. The details are as follows: 1. Turn off the default sharing of hard disk partitions (such as C $, D $, e $...) )。 2. Turn off the management default share (admin $). 3. Prevent the use of IPC $to establish an empty connection. 4. Turn off the remote registry service. 5. Delete the original two hidden accounts 6. User account: no new user, only administrator, password is empty. (Please add the password in time after the user installs the system) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ● installation method: burn the ISO file to CD, Set the computer to the CD-ROM drive and start up. When you see the installation interface, select the first fully automatic installation (press 1 on the keyboard directly) note: the ISO image file recording method is different from other data files. hard disk installation: install the (hard disk installation. Exe and win7sp1. GHO) files in the ISO file,Copy to the hard disk D: Run D: hard disk installation. Exe y determines that the system will automatically restart and install detailed installation tutorial: install under PE: start PE, run "install win7 to Disk C" on the desktop to start ghost 32 for image installation after downloading the system, it is recommended to verify MD5, If MD5 is not correct, ghost may appear during installation GHOSTERR.TXT detailed installation tutorial: size: 3188412416 bytes MD5: 43940b1a500f0639497989e57c32daf7 SHA1: c7851a502e0cb8450a2dae6f093187e6bfb3ea9d CRC32: b494f1f3 Win7 system download address: Xunlei address: (please copy the following address to Xunlei download) network disk download: (like can be collected to personal network disk to facilitate re installation later) finally... The key point is that the 100 system ghost windows7 flagship jayendrapatil aws cheat sheet version you downloaded and installed willThe following figure shows that it has been successfully installed on your computer! windows home provides you with win7 system download, win8 system download, win8 pure version and system tutorial. now there are many ways to reload the system, and more and more tend to be "fool like". In the face of so many reloading system software, how can we tell which one is the best. For you to recommend a very good reload system software - system home one click reload master. We can use it to reload win8 system, win7 system and XP system with one click. download address: more recommended collections of Windows 7 systems Yulin Mufeng win7 ultimate system collection Best in-depth technology win7 system collection New Radish home win7 ultimate download collection windows home ghost win7 series system recommendation windows home Xiaobai system Windows 7 system classic system collection download the official original version of windows ultimate system